Crypto - Law, ICOs and Block Chain

Crypto - Law, ICOs and Block Chain

Legal issues in connection with crypto currencies, the issue of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and the use of block chain

Crypto currencies are unknown in their facets to many private individuals and companies and raise a multitude of questions, some of which remain unanswered. This also applies to the issue of ICOs or interests therein. The use of block chain communication is also a new terrain for many people.

Although these modern areas do not have to be connected, they have in common that they are not regulated or regulated differently in many areas. They are also usually used across borders, as the actors deliberately use loopholes in the law to apply them in the best possible way for their own benefit.

What remains, however, is the question as to which legal system applies, what rights and obligations the individual participant has and how can ICO be constructed so that they can be offered to investors in the target country. But investors also need to know what rights they receive with an investment, usually with the acquisition of tokens.

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